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Training Conditions

On all of our offers, communications and agreements, the General Terms and Conditions of ICT~OFFICE (previously known as “FENIT”) are applicable.These standard T&C’s have been registered in the “Griffie van de Arrondissementsrechtbank” of The Hague since 3 juni 2003 under reference number 60/2003.



All of our courses & Trainers have also been accredited to be trained in English or Dutch. If course participants feel they are not strong in Dutch or English, then our Trainers and our bi-lingual  web-based examentrainer can help. In-Company (and sometimes Open) courses can be requested in English. However, in some cases the formally recognised Course Book and/or the Exams are only available in English.

  • PRINCE2, IPMA en PRISM have both English and Dutch official guides and exams.
  • MSP, P3O en Agile Project Management have only an English official guide, but our materials and the exams are available in both English and Dutch.
  • Management of Portfolios, Managing Benefits, Agile Programme Management and PRINCE2 Agile have only English official guides and exams.

Classroom Training

  • Oppidum has built itself up with almost 20 years of Classroom training.

  • The value of classroom training is the interaction between the participants from various backgrounds & companies and with your Oppidum Trainer who has more than 20 years of experience operating, writing about, training & examining his or her Best Practices.

  • Almost all courses are two full days with one week apart.

  • It is expected that participants prepare for about 4 hours beforehand and make time for 4-6 hours self-study in-between.  After the second day, another 4 hours will be a good investment before the exam.

VIP/ Virtual Training: A Blended training

  • If there are a low number of participants, or participants joining from different countries, then we convert the course to Virtual/VIP model.

  • This model then has the benefit of increased personal contact in smaller units of time over a longer period.

  • Most courses will then consist of:

    1. Preparation by Participant (4 hours)

    2. An introductory webinar with the Trainer (max. 2 hours)

    3. Self-study (2 hours)

    4. Either a 4 hour collaboration in a mutually agreed location, or 2 more webinars with self-study in-between

    5. And then 2 more webinars with self-study in-between

  • We have been using this model for more than 2 years, and it leads also to excellent results.

  • The contact time is personal, and is very different from a basic online course.

VIP/ Virtual Training courses are not scheduled, so please instead contact us for further information

In-Company discounts

Are you interested in a custom training, or a training for 3 or more colleagues?

If you have 3 or more persons from the same company who are  interested in the same training or multiple training courses, then please contact us for an In-Company price. We can then, to a certain extent, localise the course to your company - as well as offering a significant discount.

In-Company courses are not scheduled, so please instead contact us for further information

Last-minute cancellation

Administration cost in the order of EUR 124,- (ex. BTW) may be invoices when a training is canceled less than 7 working days before the start of the training. For cancellation the following conditions apply: 


When canceled:


6 weeks before the planned start of the training

geen kosten

Between 4 and 6 weeks before the start of the training


Between 2 and 4 weeks before the start of the training


Less than 2 weeks before the start of the training